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porcelain, precious, ceramics, pretty Lemons~1 Cristina Ciobanu

Artwork details

This unique porcelain bell is hand modelled and decorated using special high temperature ceramic pigments and lusters. Check out The Porcelain Forest collection.

Artist Bio

Cristina Ciobanu (28) is a Romanian artist who trained at the National University of Arts (2006-2011, Bucharest) where she specialized in ceramics and where she developed her own predilection towards figurative sculptural ceramics.

Her introduction to ceramics took place in 2003, as a participant to an Art Camp, in Todireni (Botoșani county). It was an important and very well-timed step for her to take, as she was only 17 years old, fighting the insecurities of her youthful years. She fell in love with the materials and with the special warmth coming from the sensibility of each hand modelled object, so she decided to face a new and thrilling challenge: five years within the academia of ceramics.

Inspired by her curiosity for the human nature and the secrets of ancient and folk art, she creates Raku ceramics, in both porcelain and earthenware. Her artworks have been featured in several Romanian Galleries and brought her a National Ceramics Award in 2011.


by Cristina Ciobanu

The Porcelain Forest

A Unique Collection

The Porcelain Forest shelters a limited series of unconventional decorative bells. They don’t chime, they don’t ring, and their tales are not to be heard and loved, but to be seen and cherished. Because silence and colours always reveal the most unforgettable stories.
Each of these precious bells is hand modelled with love, burnt with magic and painted with passion, and carries along its own 26-hour long creation story.
To be handled with love.