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Our story

In 2010, after having tried all the possible jobs in the local creative industry, two high school friends decided it was time to go with the flow and start their own printing studio.
Since then, they had been gathering around in their Lilliputian studio a handful of young artists, tons of enthusiasm and, one by one, hundreds of illustrations.

Colorhood started out as Atelierul de Print, an artistic community helping out and spreading young talents all over Romania, by making contemporary art more accessible to the public.

By curating a wide selection of illustrations, the tiny printing studio soon became an unconventional gallery space, where artists meet for checking out the community news, for brainstorming over new artistic ideas or for sharing their talents with young apprentices, during special workshops.

In the context of a kitsch-indulging society, we decided it was still worth trying to make the world around us a more colorful place, by canceling the dictatorship of the bad general taste and by constantly inspiring the beauty seekers (yes, you right there!).

If you are interested in becoming a Colorhood Artist, drop us a line or check out the FAQ section: How do I submit work for sale on Colorhood.