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digital illustration, fine art print, art print, colorhood print, romanian illustration, romanian illustrator, unicorn illustration, roadtrip illustration, urban illustration, colorful gifts, artsy gifts, art print gift, illustrated gifts, bike parking The Delusional One Irina Perju



Artwork details

”Oh, don't be so delusional!”, they use to say.

Digital illustration, one of the five original pieces celebrating the beautifully misfitting dreamers everywhere.

About the artist

Irina Perju is a Bucharest based artist who has been making her own way in illustration la la land for some time now. Her colorful journey started when she decided to take matters into her own hands (and by matters we mean, of course, brushes and pencils) and switch from an illustration enthusiast to a full-time illustrator. Currently on the lookout for new projects, she tries to blend her love of colors and illustration with her passion for good food and old cooking books, cheesy movies, cozy countryside houses, jazzy mornings and joyful, kind human beings.

More of her work: https://www.behance.net/irinaperju

The Delusional One

by Irina Perju

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