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fine art print, cadou de arta, atelieruldeprint, awesome gift, lovely artwork, roxana tanase, romanian artist, sweater weather, imagination, stripes, red stripes illustration, mobster illustration, cute illustration The Jelly Beans Mob - The New Guy Roxana Tanase



Artwork details

He just got in the gang. A little scared, maybe because he has a really dark secret: he has a weakness for the Pina Collada flavor.

About the artist

Small dimensions human, 90% made of coffee. Has a vocal device malfunction (either too loud, or too quiet). She comes in a bright yellow color, with just a touch of blue, for the standard set of (2) buttons from the top.

She loves being surrounded by smiling people. Although some software bugs might be encountered while testing her abilities, her main reliable function is the creative package that comes along with colors, emotions, fun, style, concepts, curiosity, enthusiasm and so many other superpowers.

The Jelly Beans Mob - The New Guy

by Roxana Tanase


About the printing technique

Giclée fine art prints are high-fidelity reproductions of original artworks, produced on a professional ink-jet printer.

The 270g textured fine art paper we use offers a great archival stability, guaranteeing a durability that exceeds 100 years for prints framed behind glass and guarded from UV rays. The watercolor texture of the surface lends a certain characteristic to the print, revealing impressive details of the artwork.

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