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illustration, watercolor, stela lie, romanian, communist, colors, paint, fine art print, lovely drawing, atelierul de print, gift, present, oldschool, vintage "Hummingbird" Watercolors Stela Lie



Artwork details

This watercolor illustration brings back a lot of memories from our childhood during the communist era of Ceaușescu.

About the artist

Crumbs of colorful memories dripped onto the long-waiting paper, story beginnings drawn with or without a specific purpose, but with an undeniable joy: Stela Lie’s illustrations will take you to a slowly, carefully passing time, on a fluffy chair, drenched in an intense linden tea scent. And so enter the scene: a pair of unworn galoshes, a cat with its tail up high-high-high, a mushroom-shaker and a noodle jar, a rhinoceros beetle and a mysterious teapot, three picky fondants, an inkwell and watercolors for all.

"Hummingbird" Watercolors

by Stela Lie

The Illustrators Club

Romanian Book Illustrators

Since 2005, The Illustrators’ Club has been gathering professional artists centered around a common preoccupation: the passion for working with images, constructing visual narratives, and incursions on the threshold of text and visuals.
The founding member and current coordinator of the Romanian Illustrators’ Club is Stela Lie, artist and teacher.

The goal of the Club is to contribute to the revitalization of the book illustration field in Romania, but also to participate in numerous commitments abroad. On their website there are many samples of their various styles, covering all categories of modern illustration: http://clubulilustratorilor.blogspot.ro/

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