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Artwork details

About the artist

Livia illustrates all day long, sometimes even all night long. She is always in the mood for drawing every this and that, she illustrates books and children’s games, product packaging and magazines. She first heard of “leisure” last week, while riding the tram. On Thursday, to be more specific.

Check out her work and passions on www.illustration.ro and www.facebook.com/liviacoloji.artist

Ox the King

by Livia Coloji

Fables Collection

Illustrated by Livia Coloji

Livia Coloji’s first encounter with the Fables was, as anyone might guess, during her childhood years. Since then, they’ve met again several times, but only now she had the opportunity to actually draw them. She drew the Fables in her personal style, combining the geometric and decorative style of the 60’s with elements of naïve folk art. Livia drew them with love, as she truly believes in their always present moralizing power, and also in the beauty and the simplicity of the stories.

The book is part of the anthology of Romanian Fables and it was published in 2014 by Cartea Copiilor Publishing House:

A cozy art studio in Timisoara

Balamuc is the playground of the artists Livia Coloji, Răzvan Cornici and Ana Kun. Apart they are kind and groomed, together they are unbelievable.
Their studio is based in Timisoara, Liberty Square, str 9 Mai, no 1, 2nd floor, ap 6, 300085.

Follow their Facebook page for more whimsical updates: https://www.facebook.com/balamuc.locdejoaca

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