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Artwork details

"Muffin, Muffin, here I stand: Who is the prettiest in the land?"

Luscious ladies from under the seas, started as an exchange collaboration with cypriot artist Katya - Fairytales

About the artist

Madalina Andronic is an artist passionate about tiny, delicate details, with a taste for love, amusement, cherries and an odd obsession for sly, cheeky, scarlet foxes. After a year and a half spent in London, she decided to put to good use her big shiny MA in Illustration and sprinkle some colour and joy all over your lives!

She works, she thinks, she dreams BIG, she's bright and shiny and always holds on to the magic of where she came from.

Check out her lovely website: www.madiandronic.com

Muffin Mermaid

by Madalina Andronic


About the printing technique

Giclée fine art prints are high-fidelity reproductions of original artworks, produced on a professional ink-jet printer.

The 270g textured fine art paper we use offers a great archival stability, guaranteeing a durability that exceeds 100 years for prints framed behind glass and guarded from UV rays. The watercolor texture of the surface lends a certain characteristic to the print, revealing impressive details of the artwork.

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