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Artwork details

*Zana Vantului*

Fairy Dust // Praf de Zane (2014)

She travels with the clouds and whispers through the trees

And throws dazzling parties with rain and dancing leaves.

About the artist

Madalina Andronic is an artist passionate about tiny, delicate details, with a taste for love, amusement, cherries and an odd obsession for sly, cheeky, scarlet foxes. After a year and a half spent in London, she decided to put to good use her big shiny MA in Illustration and sprinkle some colour and joy all over your lives!

She works, she thinks, she dreams BIG, she's bright and shiny and always holds on to the magic of where she came from.

Check out her lovely website: www.madiandronic.com

Fairy of the Winds

by Madalina Andronic

*Fairy Dust*
Illustrated gifts

The Magical Book

Fairy Dust (Praf de Zâne) is Madalina Andronic’s self-published book. An album of magic tales and enchanting portrayals of imagined fairies, this book deserves a special place on the shelves of a true collector.

The magic is in the details, of course, and it brings sparkles into the eyes of any visual hedonist out there.

Take a look inside the book: http://prafdezane.tumblr.com/
And then press the “buy” button here: http://prafdezane.tictail.com/

Gifts for special someones

We’ve gathered in our gallery shop a perfectly mixed collection of artworks signed by 50 beloved illustrators. A curated selection of illustrated gifts for you, for him, for her, for their kid’s room, for the cat lady next door, for that colleague who loves dogs and shoes, even for that special friend of yours who-has-everything.

Caution • When browsing through our illustration gallery: there’s a great chance you might get lost in a magical world; and you might get addicted to it; inspiration might haunt you even days after; you might buy a gift so lovely, your favor could hardly be returned.

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